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Highlights of 1-to-1 Guru

One to One teaching is key of 1to1Guru, which offers personalised learning experience for better understanding of the subject by eliminating crowded class.
Our 1-to-1 leaning platform opens the door for best teachers across the globe to reach at your end. It is a tool which helps our students to manage and save their time.
Conceptual Learning
Counselling & Mentoring of student in peaceful environment, which helpful to excel & understand the concept of each subject to expand their horizon.
Correctly Monitored
One to one teaching helps the teacher to guide and monitor students' progress by concentrating on a single student.
More Attentive
It will help the student to ask a question without a fear and more attention on students' core strengths.

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About Us

1to1Guru, a subsidiary of AeduZEST Innovations Private Limited, is a venture by like-minded educationalists committed to enhancing the student's personalised learning process by adapting the well-researched and proven educational practices. 1to1Guru team is backed by leading scientists, educationalists, professors, technocrats in India and Abroad. Our dedicated team of experienced education professionals strives to prepare our students for future demanding roles in Science, Technology, Arts, and Commerce by stimulating their fullest potential. We believe in igniting our students' voice by providing the confidence to express their ideas and opinions by one-to-one teaching, so they are heard and taken into account in any situation.

Our amazing Teachers

At 1to1 Guru, we have dedicated teams of teachers, educators, and mentors who strives to prepare students for their future roles in the fields of Science, Technology, Arts, and Commerce by nurturing critical thinking skills, communication, and perseverance to achieve their fullest potential.
Top Teachers of the Month
Dr. Priyank Sharad Nimje

M.Sc.(Biotechnology) Ph.D.(Ecology)

Prof. Bhanumati Sunil Patil

M.Sc.(Chem), MBA

Prof. Shital Satpute

M.Sc. (Phys)

Prof. Manali Mehendale

M.Sc.(Chem), B.Ed.